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The BCCampus Symposium on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning was a great place to share and learn.  There was an amazing turn out.

The message was loud and clear — Teaching and Learning will lead the transformation of higher education!

BCcampus Symposium 2015 Opening Keynote: The Revolutionary Potential of SOTL

And there was great discussion about how reframing what Work Integrated Learning means can contribute to meeting many of the challenges facing higher education instruction.  Thanks so much to everyone who participated in my session called Work Integrated Learning is More Than Just Job Experience


For almost 10 years now scholars have described an epidemic of work/life unreadiness and have been challenging post-secondary educators to reconsider seriously the responsibility of educating the whole person and enhancing the student experience as a holistic approach to work/life readiness. Today students are looking to ensure their learning transfers to the workplace, and as a result many faculty are trying to find a balance between academic rigor and workplace skill development.

While some may want to debate that workplace skills should not be the goal of all courses, I believe there are strategies, techniques, assignments, and resources that can serve to support and renew a teaching and learning practice trying to achieve this balance.  Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is often thought of as outside the classroom experiences such as co-op or practicum placements, but WIL can be incorporated without leaving the classroom or lecture hall.

In fact I love Patrick et al., (2008) definition of how WIL is used in Australia:

An umbrella term used for a range of approaches and strategies that integrate theory with the practice of work within purposefully designed curriculum

  Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

Mindful attention to WIL within a classroom learning space can help learners gain workplace skills, while at the same time engage in the tradition and rigor of any discipline

– it really is a matter of course design!



Coates, K. (2015). Career ready: Towards a national strategy for the mobilization of Canadian potential. Ottawa, CA: Canadian Council of Chief Executives.

Patrick, C.J., Peach,D., Pocknee, C., Webb,F., Fletcher, M., & Pretto, G. (2008). The work integrated learning report: A national scoping study. Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) Final report. Brisbane, Australia: Queensland University of Technology



Dr. Linda Pardy
Dr. Linda Pardy
As an Associate Professor, Communications, and a Student Affairs educator I uniquely work in both these worlds. With over 20 years of Student Affairs experience I strategically blend student development theory into all my teaching and learning, and consulting work. A close colleague once nicknamed me Practical Scholar, but in reality it is a good way to describe my work. My integrated approach to student success is practical yet recognized for improving cross-disciplinary work, enhancing learning conditions, and equipping students with workplace ready skills. I publish and present my research both nationally and internationally. I'm currently involved in several projects related to preparing 21st century learners for the workplace. I hope this blog is a way to share this work.
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