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The Game Changer

Expectations have changed. Students want more than an education – they want skills. Employers want a reliable problem-solving workforce. And student success is measured by much more than graduation rates.

Creating conditions to foster student success requires creative, practical, and responsive strategies.  Our consulting services can keep you ahead of the game.

Learning is an Experience. Everything Else is Just Information.

Albert Einstein

We Offer

  • Student Engagement Planning
  • Integrated Workplace Learning
  • Instructional Skills Workshops
  • Faculty Development & Renewal
  • Student Service Educator Training
  • Career Mapping
  • Interactive Online Resource Design
  • Wayfinding Design
  • Inclusive Campus and Program Planning
  • Program or Service Review
As researchers, faculty members, and student affairs administrators we appreciate the vital role data plays in decision making. But we also know that data on its own cannot tell the complete student experience story or provide quick-fix answers to the complex challenge of preparing learners for the 21st century.

Innovative methods of research, evaluation, problem solving, training, and resource design are needed. Evidence-based data needs to be infused with stakeholder collaboration, meaningful dialogue, and lived-experience examples. Stakeholders also need targeted training and resources designed to provide the specific skills they need to achieve their goals.

This is exactly what we pride ourselves on.

It is what makes us a bit different. And what enables us to design solutions for your unique institution and stakeholder groups -ensuring all solutions are truly student-centred.

Our Approach

Different challenges require different techniques to find solutions. We don’t take a formula “cookie-cutter” approach.  We combine the talents of our team and work mindfully to include all stakeholders as active participants in all projects.
We approach all our work with a passion for learning, innovation, and collaboration. We employ research, appreciative inquiry, and utilization-focused methods to gain an institution-wide perspective. We deliver evidence-based, practical solutions. And we are more than happy to help with implementation!
How Do We Do This?

We Use Design Thinking!

  • Empathize

    Learn what the expressed needs of students, faculty, & employers (i.e. all stakeholders) are. Observe, listen, research, & ask questions.

  • Define

    Construct a perspective that is based on expressed end-user needs & goals. Synthesize and focus.

  • Ideate

    Brainstorm & explore creative solutions. Analyze, compare & contrast.

  • Prototype

    Draft or map ideas to present to stakeholders. Seek feedback. Incorporate feedback.

  • Evaluate

    Focus test with stakeholders and refine finalized details. Create a project plan. Motivate & inspire action. Monitor implementation & incorporate formative feedback.

  • With an extensive background in Student Services, an understanding for students’ advising needs, and thorough knowledge of program information and career paths, they are ideally suited for ensuring institutions are positioned to provide an excellent student experience. They do an exceptional job.

    DevronBC Council on Admissions & Transfer (BCCAT), 2006
  • Working with Linda is fabulous. I’d love to attend any session she facilitates. She is skilled, down-to-earth, knowledgeable, realistic, solution oriented and full of enthusiasm. Best session we have hosted in years.

    BevCareer Management Association of BC , 2011
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