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Re-Engineering Our Resource Mindset

We believe the old silos that see support resources for high school students, post-secondary learners, and employees need to be knocked down. The success of our economy relies on all of us continuing to develop our talents for workplace success.

That is why our resources are designed on a life-long relationship model.

We can help you design your own online learning support strategy. We can also make life easier by sharing our open resources with you.

Meet Juggle

The idea that people will hold roughly 20 positions and work for up to six decades is a tough one to grasp. Yet, we only have to look around to see that everyone is juggling more roles and responsibilities than ever before.

This is why we created It’s a Juggle. Your tool kit for building sustainable career success.

Juggle curates the best online resources focused on navigating education and employment. The mobile friendly site contains 16 unique centres that cover career & education planning, workplace development, learning supports, mental health, and wellness issues.

You can rate each resource, share what is working, and help push the most effective resources to the top of the sort order.

The best part is that Juggle is free for anyone to use!   But also if you want to personalize Juggle for your institution or workplace we have a customized branding version that is a highly effective, yet economical way to continuously provide your students or employees with the most up-to-date support resources.

Curated resources for Workplace Readiness

16 unique centres that cover career and education planning, learning support, workplace skills, and wellness. Juggle is:
  • Easy to Use
  • Well Researched
  • Responsive
  • Socially Connected
  • Crowd sourced
  • Community Focused
  • Participatory
  • Continuously Updated
  • Design to foster self-directed learning

So, whether you are 17 or 71 Juggle is here to support your ongoing success.

No Assembly Required: Putting Juggle to work for your students or employees could not be easier!

  • Juggle Free
    •  Direct access to all resources
    •  Continuous resource updates
    •  Ability to submit your own resources
    •  Juggle icon button for easy access
    •  Customized branding, including organizational logo and colours
    •  Customize sort order of resource display
    •  Personalized image of student or employee on the  homepage
  • Juggle Premium
    •  Direct access to all resources
    •  Continuous resource updates
    •  Ability to submit your own resources
    •  Juggle icon button for easy access
    •  Customized branding, including organizational logo and colours
    •  Customize sort order of resource display
    •  Personalized image of student or employee on the homepage

Introducing UpSkill

Over the past couple of decades we have watched the industrial-era model of secure jobs give way to more frequent job changes. This reality has left more career planners looking for resources that can help them build lifelong learning & earning pathways. Unfortunately the overwhelming majority of resources are not up to this task.

Understanding the complexities of today’s career mobility possibilities is what lead us to create UpSkill. A resource that doesn’t lock learners into narrow career decisions. Its non-linear design enables users to map multiple occupational pathways from post-secondary programs in arts, science, business, trades and career areas. UpSkill shows how to move up, down & sideways in the job market to build personalized routes to career security. It does this for numerous certificate, diploma and degree programs – many of which are often criticized for not directly leading to jobs.

The UpSkill model can also be customized for industry sectors and work organizations to show horizontal and lateral occupational mobility for employee recruitment and retention.

UpSkill is a mapping tool that understands career planning should be about expanding your opportunities and not narrowing them.

Contact us to learn more about UpSkill’s upcoming release.

Education Planner

Education Planner is an education planning resource that provides clear, reliable, and detailed information about post-secondary programs in BC. We currently produce Education Planner for the BC Council on Admissions and Transfer. It is BC’s premier planning source and remains very well used with over a million users each year.

Recently, however, Education Planner had its 20th birthday. You may be interested to check out its interesting journey.

Our time with education planner has taught us a lot about the design process, balancing the needs of partner organizations, and the dos and don’ts of content creation for helping learners navigate education and employment readiness.

We are more than happy to share our insights and expertise to ensure a successful project.

  • Being a student today takes more than just practical writing and study skills. What’s great about Juggle is that you are fully supported in all facets of being a student. Juggle is a fantastic resource for students, educators and people in your life you support. You will find everything you’ll need to be a successful student and beyond.

    Jonelle4th year Bacehlor of Arts student, 2013
  • So excited to be part of the UpSkill focus group! Being able to see all the career potential you have from your degree is amazing. Excellent research and much better than traditional lists of occupations. This is really going to help students connect to the workforce. I am excited by this resource.

    Jiang3rd year Bachelor of Science student, 2012
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